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Robust, reliable and with an industry leading printing quality. Built for professionals with the best components on the market and with ease of use in mind.



Forget about removing your prints with spatulas or cutters. Our printers include our in-house developed Magnetic Flex Plate System. It is magneticaly attatched to the printer. Your prints stick to it thanks to a PEI film so will never need any kind of adhesive. When the print is done, you simply flex the plate and parts pop out.


Built to last. We use aluminum extrusions to build the core structure of our machines. They are completely solid even in the most demanding printing jobs. We also use 52100 HCR62 Steel rods which are far superior than the 1045 industry standard.




We dont use cheap cloned componets that are constantly failing. We select the best of the best so you don’t have to spend more time doing maintenance than printing. Among the most important ones is the Einsy Rambo board, imported directly from the US, and the Original E3D V6 Hotend, imported from the UK. 

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